Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Amazing Mum !!

You have got to love this... If everyones Mum was as passionate about Paintball as Graysons Mum Paintball would be in a much better place (and we would probably have a Mum's League :-)

Way to go Mrs Goff....

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Well, this is the biggest theft we have ever had… Luckily it was taken from the courier so no store or property was broken into… But the fact that there are now over 100 Planet Eclipse Paintball markers out in the criminal world looking for a home is pretty bad. We have all of the serial numbers and they will be registered on our warranty database as STOLEN and any information we receive about the stolen markers will be passed onto the police.. These were all taken in the UK at the port, so we expect them to stay in the UK but you never know.

So, if anyone offers you Paintball gear cheap as chips then be aware it could be stolen and if you buy one of these ‘cheap’ but stolen markers and it crosses are path we will of course be reporting this straight to the police.

The only reason thieves steal is because they have a place to sell the stuff, don’t give them a reason to go and steal more stuff. Next time it might be your gear!

There were lots of other items stolen at the same time like: Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, Grip Kits, Marker Bags, OLED Boards, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Beanies, Jerseys Pants, Packs, IV Cores, Oil, Grease, Etc.

Below is the complete list of markers with their serial numbers.. Let’s put a stop to these scumbags!

Geo 3.5 Combat 3
14010: 33571,33545,33489,33582,33475
Geo 3.5 Orangblutang
14010: 33804,33800,33758,33696,33769
Geo 3.5 Krypton Ice
14010: 33528,33511,33266,33590,33596,33587,33552,33533,33692
Geo 3.5 Charge 3
14010: 33785,33941,33834,32924
Geo 3.5 Midnight
14010: 33646,33379,33459,31771,33357,33378,33358,
Geo 3.5 Ashes 3
14010: 31398,33377,33239,33464,33386,33267,33736
14010: 33064,33458
Geo 3.5 Red/Black
14010: 34099,34788
Geo 3.5 Navy/Black
14010: 34382,34483,34435
Geo 3.5 Apple Green/Black
14010: 34287,34657,34697,34610,34659,34246,34234,34277
Geo 3.5 Orange/Black
14010: 34474
Geo 3.5 Medium Grey/Black
14010: 34399
Ego LV1 Vamped
11140: 86735
Etek 5 Grey/Black
30110: 50720,51318,50703,50699,50937
Etek 5 Red/Black
30110: 50781,50721,50775,50850,50786,50341,50459,50048,50835,50302
Etha Stretch Poison
90230: 34368,34533,34575,34455,34867,34676,34661,34683,34778
Etha Stretch White
90230: 33835,34417,34222,33832,33950
Etha Stretch Ice
90230: 36686,35000,35094,35251,36663,36753
Etha Stretch Fire
90230: 36493,36497,34972,34894,35401
Etha Gold/Black
90230: 31613
Etha HDE Forest
90230: 33438,33342,33208,33385,33422,33267,33286,33187

 If you have any info please contact your local police force or Planet Eclipse on

***UPDATE*** Police crime number is:

Incident Number: 000126-23012015 Crime Number: BO/005178/15 PC 3669 Ashley BRAMLEY 
If you have any information call 101 and ask to be put through to Nottinghamshire Police.

Thanks for the amazing support shown by 'Most' people in Paintball community. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Wild Bunch !!!

Planet Eclipse is excited to announce its sponsorship of Wild Bunch Paintball Team and welcome them aboard the Emortal Army! Wild Bunch Paintball team has been a force on the paintball field since 2002 and they are based out of Splat Tag Paintball in MN.  Regularly playing in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, they have also travelled to many national games, ranging from Canada to California.  The team has a history of fair play, charitable fundraising, and promotion of the sport of the sport of paintball. We are looking forward to having Wild Bunch represent us on the scenario paintball stage

Welcome to the Emortal Army !!


Wild Bunch website is:

Follow the Wild Bunch on Facebook here:

Saturday, 27 December 2014

ASG Annual Christmas Toy Drive Tournament

Action Star Games in Colton held its annual toy drive tournament earlier this month. With over 15 teams having pre registered, it turned out to be a fantastic event. It was "Open Class" bringing players of all calibers from beginner to pro players like Andy Horvath of Chicago Aftershock and Tyler Harmon of San Dan Diego Dynasty. 

Even though it was a tournament, people were more out to have fun and help those in need by bringing toys to donate than to win the event, but that doesn't stop things from getting competitive. Planet Eclipse team, MVP Sandbaggers, was out with Tyler Harmon and some of the crew from Mountain View Paintball in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, a warranty center for the Planet Eclipse family of markers. With a disappointing start, MVP Sandbaggers were able to rally to win every game going in to finals, where they were later knocked out.

It was not a total loss as the MVP Sandbaggers, along with the rest of the teams participating in the event, were able to bring toys that were later distributed by The City of Colton's Community Services and Crestmore Elementary School in Bloomington to those who may not of had Christmas gift other wise. It is alway great to see the paintball community come together for a cause and the Toy Drive Tournament at Action Star Games was no different, Wayne and Karen from ASG truly  care about the sport, and the community.